Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sit camping

We've been planning a camping trip for a few months.  Our expectations for this trip changed a month ago when Rob hurt his knee.  On our way home from this trip I was talking to my step-mom and she was surprised to hear that we had gone camping "Rob's knee must be doing much better!"  "No, we didn't go hiking camping.  We went sit camping" was my reply.

We had a great time just hanging out at the campground enjoying having little to do and letting the kids explore.  The bigger kids got to explore some of the trails around the campground while the little ones were thrilled to play in the dirt, rocks, sticks and flowers near the trailer.


Rob and I enjoyed the quiet time with the kids, playing games with them, reading, and talking.

There was a lodge there too, so in the evenings we went up there to let the kids play some games for a bit.

The boys built a swing using the trees around the site, a broken branch and some rope Rob brought.  Even Mr. K got in on the action with that!


We also enjoyed the playground that was there.  Mr. K enjoyed being a bit of a big boy going down the slide.


  1. Our favorite place to go as a family!!

  2. Jordanna- your aunt told us about this place, we are so glad she did!