Wednesday, September 23, 2009

answered prayers for a new addition

Recently Rob started going over the hymns for the next Sunday with the kids in the evenings, it has helped them feel more involved and prepared for the service. However if we did not know the hymn then it was hard to sing to the right tune. Rob started praying for an inexpensive keyboard so we could practice our hymns. Well, God had other plans! Our new neighbors had their household goods delivered today and on our way to the bookmobile I stopped to introduce myself and we started to chat. Somehow it came up that they had been trying to get rid of their piano before leaving town, but it ended up on the truck, now they were going to have to arrange for someone to come pick it up. Hmmm.... The arrangements were made to have their movers move the piano into our living room! How great is that? We got a real piano for free! Granted it is not in the greatest condition (as far as looks go), but it sounds fine and I will not have to worry when the kids bump and scratch it! What a blessing! The kids are so excited. Mr. R and Miss E were very excited to offer to dust it for me when I mentioned that it would need to be done!

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