Wednesday, September 30, 2009

La las for Miss C

I've had these done (or mostly done) for a couple of weeks now, but its been busy around here and I've had a hard time getting around to taking pictures and blogging about them.

These La las were a group effort. All of the kids wanted to help with them.

Miss E- Helped me pull out all of our ribbon and sort through it to find the ones we should use. She also helped with the last step of sewing the "little La la" on the machine!
Mr. R- Helped me decide how many of each type of ribbon we should cut and how long they should be.
Mr. M- Pinned the ribbons in half.
Mr. S- Helped position the ribbons around the La las.
Miss J- Was "quality control" she checked them for softness, and gave her approval! No, I still have not purchased any minky for her, I can't find the kind with the raised dots in lavender around here and I really don't want to buy a whole yard on line. Oh well, I think she will manage!

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