Sunday, September 13, 2009

The B-I-B-L-E yes thats the book for me!!!!

Our kids all love reading their Bibles, even the little ones. Mr. S and Miss J had a couple that they were usually walking around with, but Mr. S seems to have misplaced his (I think it was left at church without his name in it). Miss J has not really had one she could call her own since the laundry incident. Tonight one of the sweet men at our church came over to tell Rob what a blessing our children are to see them sitting so well in church, and just being so well behaved in general. This man happens to be a Gideon, so as Rob was talking to him he mentioned how the little ones love to carry around Bibles and would he happen to have a couple he could spare. He gave us two stacks of five (they are packaged that way)! They are brown and blue. Miss J knew exactly what they were the moment she saw them next to her seat. Mr. S and Miss J are so excited to have Bibles again, they both have them in bed with them now.

*so the pictures are not the greatest, Mr. S is posing funny and Miss J was caught in the act of squealing with delight, but you can see that they are very happy with their new Bibles!!!!!

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