Wednesday, September 23, 2009

good help is easy to find!

I've started to slow down a bit (or I'm doing more to get ready for Miss C and I'm feeling tired), but my sweet kids are such blessings to me! Mr. M is always eager to learn new jobs and help out around the house. He has been bugging us for quite some time to let him use the vacuum. I guess Rob thought it was about time for him to learn because a couple weeks ago he showed him the basics and got him started on using it. Ever since if I bring out the vacuum or he knows it is time to vacuum (every afternoon before Rob gets home) he asks to do it for me!

Each child seems to have their own things they like to help out with or want to learn how to do. While some things are not optional (like learning to do laundry, dishes, clean a bathroom, and basic cooking skills), it is fun to see what things they ask to learn to do. Most new chores are now given to the older kids as they ask to learn new skills and have mastered the simpler chores that can be passed on to a younger child. The boys have started taking over some jobs that had been Rob's (litter box, garbage/recycling), and are quite pleased with themselves being able to do "daddy" jobs! It is so nice to have such helpful children!

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