Sunday, September 20, 2009

week-end fun

Nana got into town on Friday morning and we've been enjoying our time with her all week-end. We went right from the airport to the Maritime History Museum. It was a great way to finish off our study of the local area that focused on the coastal aspects of the area. The kids were treated to a few interesting talks by a couple of the men that worked there. One took quite a bit of time with the kids explaining how the lighthouses work, he did a great job of giving them plenty of new information but keeping it at a good level. He even talked to them about early aircraft carriers, that really held their attention, I think they could have listened to him go on much longer, but he kept his talks short and sweet! After that we took Nana to Fisherman's Wharf to check it out and have lunch, it was a great time for all and we even got to see some wild life!

Saturday was a fairly quiet day. My mom and I pulled out the many bins of clothes I have for the kids and sorted out all of the clothes for the coming fall/winter season. It was a big job, we started right after breakfast and around noon we were finally done and able to go get dressed for the day (we had just pulled out one bin "quickly" after breakfast and before we knew it we were knee deep in the project and just needed to keep going!). It was so nice to get that project done with even though we don't need the fall clothes yet. They are all now nicely folded and set aside in a closet that is not used often. It will be easy for me to pull them out when it is time for them to be used, much better than trying to do it on my own with my huge belly! After that the kids got to enjoy more play time with Nana!

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