Thursday, September 24, 2009

Marine Corps wedding cake

A couple of Marines in our church got engaged a few months ago around the time he moved on to his next duty station, since then they've been trying to figure out when they could get married. Their wedding is going to be this week-end! (I found out about it last Sunday, and I don't think they had figured it out long before that) The groom is flying in from Hawaii two days before the wedding and the bride is in the midst of an intense training program leaving her little to no time to plan a wedding. It has been an honor and a privilege for Rob and I to help them out by planning their reception and parts of the wedding too! With only a week to plan we don't have much time and the bride is quite realistic in her expectations. One of the few things she mentioned wanting was a cake with a Marine Corps seal or something like it. This is what I came up with this week....

It is not perfect and the seal cracked a bit when I put it on the cake, but it looks great if you don't look too closely!!! It is three layers of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and strawberries between the layers. YUM! This cake is not large enough to serve all the guests that we think will be there so I also picked up some of the great chocolate cakes and cheese cakes that costco has. Miss E helped me decorate the reception hall at church today and helped out with the chapel too! I'll post pictures from the wedding after it happens, the kids are going to be in it!

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