Friday, September 11, 2009

banana bread

Miss E has become such a help to me in the kitchen in the past couple of years. Yesterday she made up these four loaves of banana bread during nap time with almost no supervision! She pulled out the recipe, pans, ingredients, etc. and doubled the recipe all by herself while I took a quick nap and spent some one-on-one time with Mr. S working in Miss C's lala. By the time I came down to check on her she had it just about all mixed up and was almost ready to put it in the pans! She has been doing this for about a year now and while I used to stay in the general area incase she needed help she now is quite confident in her abilities and only needs help when it comes to using the oven (except with these larger batches, sometimes she needs a bit of help getting it all mixed well) so I am able to have her do this sort of thing even when I can't be in the room with her! Not only does she enjoy baking, but it is great "school work" too! I can hand her just about any recipe and say "double it" and she can, she even triples recipes every once in a while, this is a good opportunity to put her math skills to work in a real way! While I usually like to go through a recipe with her the first time she uses it, she is quite able to take a recipe and go with it, it is so nice that she is able to read and follow directions step by step!
*Miss J was oh so excited to see so much bread in one place and though she had a good attitude she was more that a bit bummed to see it all go in the freezer for later. She is quite the "bread monster"!

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