Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bargain fair and Saturday fun

Our housing area does not allow garage sales, instead every three months the Officers wives' club hosts a big bargain fair. It is a fund raiser for them. They sell booth spaces in the community center parking lot as well as "early bird" tickets to get in to the sale early. I would much rather do this as I get to go to 30+ "garage sales" all at one time and most of the families have younger kids so nearly every booth is worth looking at.
I found some great deals today at the sale. I think the "steal of the day" was the Moses Basket I found for $5! I also picked up a few outfits for Miss C, PJs and shoes for Miss J, camo PJ pants for Mr M, a long sleeved shirt for Mr. R, six books, and a bunch of toys (all of these things had been on my list of things to look for). I ended up spending about $30, but $5 of that was for the "early bird" ticket.
I walked down right after I finished breakfast and after Rob and the kids had finished and cleaned up they headed down. Rob took the kids to a park across the street first and then they joined me for another walk through. Each of the kids found at least one small thing to buy, but Miss E was the master shopper. She found a "build a bear" sewing kit, webkins, and a big stuffed bunny. She was quite comfortable negotiating with the vendors and ended up only spending $2.50 on her "treasures".

We decided to take the kids to Fisherman's wharf for lunch today. Miss J fell asleep on our way
there and slept though the fun of walking around seeing the sights, looking at crabs (and Mr. S
even spotted a jelly fish!), and sampling clam chowder, she did not wake up until just before our food was delivered to the table. We had fun
wandering around after lunch also and then stopped for ice cream. We came home to have nap time and a quiet evening at home.

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