Friday, September 18, 2009

hi-ho, hi-ho...

..its off to work we go!

Miss E got to go to work with Rob yesterday! The kids love to go to work with Rob, and this is a great assignment to make it happen! Next week is finals week so Rob was planning on taking each of the kids on their "special helper" days, but Miss E found herself with a bit of a problem. Her day would be Monday, but Nana was going to be here until the afternoon. Should she miss out on her day with daddy, or miss out on her time with Nana? Rob realized that this Thursday would work out fine to take her, so we were able to solve that problem for her! She was so happy!
She packed lunch for both of them and I packed a bag full of school work including some extra reading incase she got board. A highlight of going to work with daddy for all of the kids is getting to ride the bus to and from work, it is so cute to see them head out the door with him! Miss E had a great time with Rob and got all of her school work done too! We sure missed her at home though. Next week all of the boys will have a chance to go in too. I think Miss J will have to wait a while to get her chance to go though.

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