Thursday, September 10, 2009

circle time today

We've been working on our Presidents of the United States of America flash cards this week during circle time.  We're just working on the first ten.  Here is how it went today....

Me- "Mr. S, do you know who this is?"
Mr. S- "George Washington"
Me- "Very good Mr. S!  He was the first Pres..."
Mr. S- "Him died?"
Me- "Yes Mr. S, he died"
Mr. S- "Why him died?"
Me- "he lived a long time ago, got old and died" (or something along those lines)
Mr. S- "I not going to die"
Me- "all people die some time, but I hope you will not die for a long time.  Now does anyone know who this is?"
Mr. M- "John Adams was the second president"
Mr. S- "him died?"
Me- "yes, he died too. Can anyone tell me who this is?"
  This went on until President #5, when I told Mr. S that they had all died. Then he went on to inform us after each one was named that "him died too".  Oh brother!  Either its just a concept he is working on right now, or he remembers when we were reading the back of the cards about the presidents including their date and place of death.  Whatever it is,  it sure did make circle time interesting and even a bit funny.

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