Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Flag ceremony and errands

So, today was errand day again. We were all dressed, fed (and even cleaned up the kitchen), and out of the house by 7:30 so that we could see the flag ceremony on post this morning. We're learning about our flag this week in History, and though the kids had seen this done a few times we thought it would be good to do again this week.

While we were waiting (we were there ten minutes early) the kids explored the grounds a bit. The boys were playing "Indiana Jones" and Mr. M even found a "skull" while they were playing.
They all did a great job standing still and quietly, and being respectful while watching the flag go up. I'm sure it did not hurt any that Daddy was standing at attention right next to them.
After that we had quite a few errands to run today. We went to Safeway (some great deals on fresh local fruit), the commissary, an eye appointment for me, and then to Costco. Everyone did fairly well and got lots of comments while we were out. My kids just LOVE getting comments because they get a large piece of candy out of the candy bucket for each comment they get while we are out running errands (with a limit of 5, which we reach often enough!). This encourages them to be on their very best behavior and makes running errands with five kids oh so much easier on me!

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