Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back to AWANA!!!!

Tonight was the first night back to AWANA this year! The kids were so excited, they have been looking forward to going back since the last night last year! They just love their AWANA clubs!
The evening went well. No one started a new club so everyone knew where they were going, who their "teachers" would be and what to expect during club. Two girls from across the street came with us tonight, they had been coming from time to time with us last year and were both very excited to start up again this year! One of them even excepted Jesus Christ as her Savior tonight! How exciting!

After dropping the kids off Rob and I headed out to do a bit of shopping and have a little "date". Miss J was with us, but when you are used to doing everything with five kids having only one ALMOST feels like you are alone! She enjoys the time with the two of us, though she has made it clear that she would be happy to join Mr. S in the cubbies class if they would only let her (she even made herself at home in the sparkies group tonight while we filled out registration cards).

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