Monday, October 26, 2009


I made some adjustments to my diaper bag that I had made this summer. I could tell right away that something was just not quite right with the bag, but I needed to think about it and then figure out what to do about it. I knew it was something with the straps. They were too long AND too far apart. I took them off a couple weeks ago and just now got to cutting them down and putting them back on differently. The bag feels (and looks) so much better now! I'm much happier with it.
We're making other adjustments around here too. About this time in pregnancy I always "hit the wall". I'm just done and it takes everything I have to just keep the basics going around here (with five kids, basics can be quite a bit of work!). We could tell I was getting to that point a week or so ago and started making the needed adjustments. This week we are pushing through what I had scheduled for school, but I'm doing very little cooking and we're not doing much extra stuff. I do have a couple fun things planned for Friday and Saturday, but the kids will be doing most of the work (and they are so excited!). After that we are cutting way back! I don't have any school stuff scheduled, instead I have plenty of Thanksgiving/pilgrim books, worksheets, and activities in place for either myself, Rob, or my mom to do with the kids in the coming month. This will keep the kids doing school, but allow for the days we know are coming (but can't be scheduled) that we will not be doing school.

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