Friday, October 23, 2009

Trick boy

About a year ago Mr. S discovered that he has a "trick thumb" (it is double jointed). Encouraged by his siblings he began showing anyone and everyone that would look. Friends, family, people at church, doctors, nurses, commissary workers, total strangers.... Everyone has seen his trick thumb! Its cute in a very Mr. S sort of way.

This week he found a new trick at dinner one night. He had a piece of cheese stuck to his nose and Rob suggested he lick in off, he tried. He could not quite make it, but he could reach his nose with his tongue! Rob exclaimed "you have a trick tongue!" Oh my, I could just see it! Now everywhere we would go he would be showing this off too! We quickly pointed out to him that this was not okay to do anywhere but at home and NOT at the dinner table unless asked to do so by mommy or daddy. He has been great about it, but is quite happy to show off when asked!

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