Friday, October 9, 2009

a little helper and a little "mommy"

Thursday was a cooking day for me. I made four lasagnas (one for dinner, two for my freezer, and one for a friend), and two loaves of garlic bread after doing school with the kids and all of our other regular everyday things.

Miss E's job today was to make zucchini bread (her favorite quick bread). Mr. R wanted to learn how to make bread, so I had him help her. That went okay, but next time I think I'll just supervise as he tries to do it on his own. I think he can figure it out. They made a great double batch! (at least it smelled great, both loaves went right into the freezer).
The big hit of the day was when Miss E was making her second double batch of zucchini bread. All of the boys were busy with afternoon clean up and Miss J was running around getting into trouble. Miss E invited her to come help her (I was making garlic bread, Miss J was not interested in helping me, she just wanted to be held if she was in the kitchen). Miss J thought helping Miss E sounded great and stuck with her from start to finish (I love our school table, it is great for most projects the kids do!). She helped pour everything in after Miss E measured it. She helped stir (you should have seen the mess!), and once they were all done she even helped with clean up! Miss J was determined to do all that she could to help out and be a big girl! It was great to see her interest in helping with the food and her ability to stick
with the job. I think the best part though was to see Miss E working so well with her, including her in the work even though it really made more work for her. I guess I liked seeing these things because these are both things I work hard at, teaching the kids to enjoy serving/working and I work hard to include the kids in most things I do. It was great to see both of these things reflected in my "little helper" and my "little mommy"!

*this morning I got up to find Miss E had helped Miss J pick out hair bows (Miss J LOVES her
hair bows). Miss J thought it was quite important that this morning she have her hair done before breakfast, so Miss E changed her diaper, got her dressed and did her hair too, all while I made breakfast! What a good big sister she is (and a great help to me)!

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