Tuesday, October 13, 2009

kid fest

This Saturday we went to "kid fest" it is put on at our local county fairgrounds that we drive by regularly. We went last year and the kids all had a great time, so when they saw the signs again this year we told them we would do our best to go. This is a free activity, so we just needed to make sure we had the time set aside!We got there plenty early so we could get a decent parking spot and had a good time while waiting in line. One of the kids found a caterpillar and that provided quite a bit of entertainment for a while. Once we got in the big kids headed right to the bounce houses, while Miss J just enjoyed watching everyone bounce.
There were plenty of games to be played and everyone was giving out prizes. Miss J quickly figured out that all of the baskets/buckets on the tables contained candy and that all of the people behind the tables wanted to give it to her! She had little to no interest in anything else at that point.

Four of the kids won vouchers to "black bear diner" for free kids meals. We thought that would be a nice way to finish off the morning of fun so we took the kids there for lunch. The kids were all so well behaved (more so than usual it seemed) and we enjoyed the time so much. Then it was back home for much needed naps!

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