Wednesday, October 21, 2009

belly pictures

With every pregnancy but Miss E's I've gone and had "belly pictures" done. This accidentally turned into a tradition, and its a fun one! I wear black and all the kids wear white (usually nightgowns/silps and boxer shorts/undershirts). We all have a great time with this and it signals to the kids that we are at the end of the pregnancy, they always look forward to this. We have a fun time with the poses, they are always a fun time for all of us to get a bit creative and I think my kids' favorite part is when I'm posing on the floor and they get to figure out how/where to pile on mommy!

This time the photographer took a close up of my belly with the kids' hands on it. I knew it would be sweet, but it was not what I was wanting (I wanted to SEE my kids in the pictures!). However she did a great job of captioning it with "blessings" in larger print and then in small print under it "every good and perfect gift is from above... James 1:17" I thought that was so sweet and had her show Rob (he came along with us to help out since the kids were also doing individual pictures, so we had a few outfit changes happening). He liked it too and wanted to get it to hang in the house, it looks great in the frame!
In an effort to cut down on the chaos when we go back in a few months for family pictures and sibling pictures (you know, after Miss C arrives and has had some time to fill out and get cute!). I had all of the kids do their individual pictures this time too. Aside from wanting to be able to look back and see how they've grown physically I want their pictures to show their personalities too. So, I usually let the kids pick out their own outfits for these pictures (I have veto power though!). They all knew exactly what they wanted to wear, and I was not at all surprised by their choices. Miss E's favorite outfit right now is the apple one, and Mr. R loves to wear orange so I expected these choices. Mr. M and Mr. S chose exactly what I thought they would, but had hoped they would not! Mr. M talked Nana into these outfits on a shopping trip and has been so excited about his and was thrilled that is was coming into the rotation this fall! Rob and I decided that since these outfits fit them so well (personality/age wise) that we would go ahead and let them wear them. Miss E had picked out Miss J's matching apple outfit for her, but when we were there doing the belly pictures Miss J just could not get enough of this little set of stairs. She looked so sweet all in white on the white stairs, so we decided we would go with that instead.

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