Friday, October 16, 2009

Another cooking day

Yesterday I had another big cooking day, and I think it will be my last big one, I'm really slowing down (or at least I can tell my body wants me to!). A friend came over and we put together three different meals (a total of 12 pans of food). This friend is due to have a baby around the time I'm due, so we both need meals in the freezer. We also made extras to give to another friend that could use a break from cooking dinners. It was a great time of fellowship and it made my work go so much faster (I would have been doing most of this cooking on my own since these were things I wanted in my freezer). I'm so glad we were able to do this!

Early in the day Miss E made some pumpkin bread. As soon as Miss J heard that she would be making bread she ran to get her apron on and headed to the table to "help". This time I
encouraged Miss E to just give Miss J some flour and such in her own bowl so that she could make her own bread. She had a wonderful time and it was so cute to see the confidence with which she acted and she pulled various items out of her little kitchen that she felt she needed to accomplish her task. She asked for each ingredient as she saw Miss E add it to her bread, and when we would not give her any liquid ingredients (which she seemed to think was a mistake on our part), she calmly walked over and tried to swipe and egg from Miss E! She finally figured out that she could have just about all the flour and spices she wanted, but NO liquids, and was then content to go on with her creation. She made a huge mess, but she had a great time with "the girls" and is learning to love helping in the kitchen! She gave us plenty of reason to laugh too! I just love that both of my girls enjoy working in the kitchen and that we were all able to have a fun time together while accomplishing some important jobs!

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