Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pizza fun

We all made our own pizzas for lunch today! I had a bunch of shredded cheese left over from making the lasagna that needed to be used, so I thought this would be fun. The kids all had a
great time rolling out their own dough and putting the sauce and toppings on. These were all very simple pizzas since I had not planned this so we did not have many choices for toppings. I also just wanted to keep it simple and really did not feel like digging around in the fridge and pantry to see what we had. Everyone was quite happy with cheese and pepperoni.

Miss J had a great time too, but she did not think it was fair that I had rolled out her dough for
her. That was the best part, and she had to miss it! So once she was done putting the toppings on her pizza she nicely asked for more dough so she could roll it out herself. She stayed busy doing that until her pizza was cooked and ready to eat.
This has been a quiet day today and that was exactly what I/we needed. We've had quite the busy week again and I'm really feeling it. It was nice to just hang around at home and though I have some things I would not mind getting to, I'm mostly just taking it easy and enjoying the day. The kids have been having fun doing some more stop motion videos and playing with legos. Miss J has needed extra cuddle time the last few weeks, I think she knows that she is not going to be the "baby" anymore and is getting a bit nervous about that. I spend quite a bit of time holding her, but today it was nice to do that and know that there was nothing else I needed to get to!

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