Monday, October 19, 2009

newborn cloth diaper stash

I have never cloth diapered a newborn before, so though used cloth with my last two kids I needed to get all new diapers for this stage. I started picking up these diapers, and some of the fabric too, before finding out that we were expecting a girl so there are not many "girly" diapers for Miss C.

I'm not exactly sure what kind I'll like best, or even how long this size will last, but I've heard that you want to have at least 24 newborn sized diapers if you want to use them right away and you don't expect a baby over 9 pounds or so. So that is what I have.

I picked up 12 newborn sized pre-fold diapers. These are like the old fashioned white diapers that my mom used with us, but smaller so they will not be so bulky on a newborn. I'll use a snappi with these instead of pins.

Covers- The pre-folds need covers, I have 5 xs ones. Two are the "thirsties" covers that have an
umbilical notch in them (one white, one celery). The other three are by "bummis" (one white, one with celery dots, one jungle print).

Fitted diapers- These are not water proof, but are easier to use than the pre-folds since you
don't have to fold them and they snap closed. I made all of these. Since they should be fairly absorbent I don't know if I'll have to use a cover with them if I'm just using them at home during the day. I used minky on the outside of these, it is so soft, I can't wait to put them on Miss C!

Pocket Diapers- I like using pocket diapers best of all (at least with Miss J), but these are more
expensive. These are water proof and go on and off like a disposable, but you wash them and re-use them! I purchased three of these, there is a blue one with a cow print inside and an aqua one with a penguin print inside as well as an "air force baby" embroidered one. I had purchased a pocket diaper pattern a couple of years ago, so I used that as a guide for making the rest
of the pockets. I made three out of the celery outer and the monkey print inner. I also had some Christmas print PUL fabric too, I made two out of that, I'm not sure if they will still fit her around Christmas, but I figured it was worth the try!

So, for now I'm set on cloth diapers. I'm not sure how long these will last Miss C. It really depends on how big she is when she is born and how quickly she gains after. If she is on the bigger side these could only last a couple weeks to a month. If she is smaller then I may be able to use them for longer. Once she grows out of all of these I have the small diapers I used for Miss J. However I also had some "one size" diapers that I used during that time that I'm still using with Miss J, so I may have to pick up some more. I like the bum genius one size diapers (they don't work so well for newborns though, I've heard), but I've been looking into the blueberry one size diapers as well (the thing is that they cost quite a bit more and so far the best thing they've got going for them is the cute prints, I don't think its worth the extra $$$, but they sure are cute!). Having more one size diapers will come in handy if Miss J does not potty train soon since I'll be able to use the diapers on either one of the girls. Otherwise I've got pockets, pre-folds, and covers in sizes for both of the girls.

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