Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Taste of Home "cooking school"

Miss E and I had the opportunity to go to a Taste of Home "cooking school" event last night. One of the ladies at church organized the evening out, and Miss E was so excited when she heard about it weeks ago. As much as I wanted to go I just was not sure I would be up to it (by the end of the day I'm not good for much these days!), and so we never made plans to go. However, a friend was not able to use her tickets at the last minute so I was able to buy both of hers so I could take Miss E! Rob and I decided it was worth the effort since she was so excited about it, and to give us some special time together and with some wonderful ladies from church! I'm so glad we went!We had a great time!

Our group got there over an hour early and were able to get the first and second rows on one side. With being there so early we had plenty of time for fellowship, and I enjoyed the extra time walking around with Miss E too. She was the youngest one there, but a couple of the teens she knows from church were there too, she thought it was great to be able to sit with them.
Miss E seemed quite absorbed in the "show" and I'm sure she picked up plenty of tips and new ideas while watching. It was great to see how excited she was about the whole thing. It lasted 2 1/2 hours and we were there over an hour early, that is a long time for a kid, but she did great! Not once did I hear that she was bored!

The highlight for her was at the end of she show when they were giving out the last of the door prizes. She won one of the dishes that was prepared that night! She was so excited and beaming
from ear to ear. I don't think she even cared what it was that she had won,
but one of the first comments she made was "I'm going to share with Daddy!". Sure enough when we got home the first thing she
did was to give him her winnings! (She won a tray of open faced sandwiches, the serving tray was part of the prize too, it is very nice!) One of her friends also won a gift basket, in
fact much of our group took prizes home. There were 14 of us, and I think we came home with 7 (or more) prizes!

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