Wednesday, October 28, 2009


After reading my blog post about the daily bins we rotate a friend at church offered to loan their collection of lincoln logs to us for a few months! I decided to make them our Wednesday bin since the kids have not been as engaged in the wedgits lately. They had a GREAT time playing with them today! They will be a welcome distraction in the next few weeks/months while we are able to have them. This collection is much bigger than the one we have and the kids spread them all over the living room making up some wonderful buildings and other fun things! Small distractions like this are exactly what we need right now. Not big enough to tire me out and it really just blends in with our normal day, but it is special and captures the kids' attention. They also thought it was cool that their friends were sharing with them! This picture was taken just as they were getting into them, so there are not too many things built in the picture. Miss E joined them shortly after the picture was taken, and Miss J was on her way down for a nap.

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