Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The pumpkin patch

Going to the pumpkin patch was always a fun yearly event growing up for me. My Auntie B had the perfect place we always went to with a ride out to the field where we got to pick our own pumpkin and then there was always plenty of other fun to be had around the farm. I try to make picking out our pumpkins fun for our kids too, but sometimes its hard to find a good place depending on where we are stationed. It was easy to find a good place here! We went on Monday to the same place we went last year, Rob and our Friend Miss E were able to come too!

This place is an organic farm and though they already have all of the pumpkins picked and in a
little field ready for you to choose from, they also have plenty of other fun things to do. The big hit was the corn maze complete with chickens roaming in it! We all went through the maze once, and then Rob took the kids a couple more times.
There were also a couple of herb gardens that the kids enjoyed exploring. Mostly they had fun
trying to get close to the chickens that were also hanging out there, but they had fun checking out the plants and smelling them. I think Miss E had the most fun in the gardens. I enjoyed having more time to visit with our friend Miss E, we were all so glad she was able to come with us.
Then it was time to go pick out our pumpkins. The rule is that you have to be able to carry your own pumpkin to the wagon. Usually the kids all try to get the biggest pumpkin they can, but at
least two of them got rather small pumpkins, they could have lifted so much more. Since the plan was to cook these pumpkins I had to pick out a couple of my own to make up for the smaller ones that were
picked out. Miss E appeared to have picked out a water mellon (her's was large), but upon closer inspection it turned out to be a pumpkin after all! Thats why I love this place, they have so many different varieties of pumpkins!

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