Friday, October 9, 2009

packing the hospital bag

Miss E helped me pack up my hospital bag today. It is not totally packed, we made up a list of things that either need more prep work before they can go into the bag, or need to be purchased on our next errand day. I still have about five weeks until I'm due, but I always like to be prepared, and by the end I'm usually so tired that its just not a good idea to leave things until then that could be done now.

It was fun having Miss E help me. She has enjoyed being involved in each of my pregnancies, but she is older now and it is fun to have her helping out and involved as she becomes a young woman. It is something fun and special to share with her.

I had one project I had to do on my own. Our babies always bring treats with them that are arranged in their bassinet when the kids come to meet them. This is mostly for the benefit of the youngest child that does not quite understand yet that this baby is a good thing! We like to add a bit of encouragement towards that way of thinking. ;) The big kids always look forward to what the baby will bring, and ask for months ahead what I think the baby will bring them (its never anything big, but they still look forward to it!). Its almost like our family's version of santa! LOL! I'm taking advantage of the
season and using a bunch of smaller candies to make up goodie bags. Since our kids will not be trick-or-treating this will still be exciting to them! They are now packed away in my hospital bag, and I'm looking forward to taking them out sooner rather than later (I just need a couple more weeks and then I'll be done baking- both food for us and Miss C!), but I'm not due for five more weeks.


  1. We just welcomed number six to our crew almost three weeks ago. He brought big lolly pops for his brothers and sisters (which were a great hit!) but really, everyone in our home takes the newest addition in stride. It is such a precious blessing that the Lord prepares us perfectly for each new baby, and the children too.

    Do you know if baby is a boy or girl?
    Do you have names nailed down?


  2. Analene-
    Thanks for commenting, and congratulations on your new addition! We've done lollipops in the past too, those were a hit! At this point it has become more of a tradition than anything else, since the "littles" follow the example of the big kids and the big kids all know a new baby is WONDERFUL (my oldest kids have been praying for a new sibling/sister for quite some time)!!!! The kids also bring cupcakes to the hospital and we all sing "happy birthday" to the baby, its one big party!
    I'm expecting a girl, and we've checked twice to be sure. We do have a name for her (though we're not !00% sure on her middle name), but for the blog she is just Miss C (security/privacy).