Friday, July 1, 2011

Pajama Day!

Today was officially our last day of school, we're moving on to "Summer School." To celebrate I planned a fun day for the kids, Pajama day! Our day started out "normal" except everyone was expected to come to breakfast in clean (as in fresh out of the drawer) Pajamas instead of dressed in clothes. Once some very minimal morning chores were done we moved on to the fun!

I had a craft planned for the kids. Cutting holes/pictures in black paper and backing it with colored paper to make the picture. Miss E and Mr. S seemed to be the only ones that got the concept, but everyone had a good time!

Snack time was cereal. "Junk" cereal. I'm pleading temporary insanity on most of the food served today....

Since the kids were all hopped up on sugar I figured pillowcase races were a good idea. The kids enjoyed cheering one another on and challenging each other to races. Miss J ended up being our "champion" only by the special rules all of the big kids encouraged her to play by (turning back half way down). Mr. M was the clear winner of most races though!

Lunch was eggo waffle PB sandwiches, cantalope, and bananas; followed by cupcakes.

Forts were being built throughout the day. Everyone brought their pillows down for "nap time" and we watched Runner from Ravenshead.

I made a snack mix from some of the cereal left over from earlier in the day and gave that to the kids for their afternoon snack, they munched on it while finishing the movie.

It was a fun day, with way too much sugar. Everyone was ready for a nice healthy meal when daddy got home and they got to tell him all about their fun day. The weather has finally been consistently nice out, school work is done, we are ready for summer!



  1. Sounds like a good time! Love the forts!

  2. Just "hopping" over from the HHH. :-)

    What an awesome day-- one you and your children were always remember! :-)

    We are a homeschooling, military family, as well.

    I hope you had a good holiday!
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