Monday, July 11, 2011

Playing with friends

Some friends of ours from church came down for a quick visit on Friday! When making plans with them Rob let them know that we are early risers by welcoming them to show up for family Bible reading at 6:15, and they took him up on it! It was such a blessing to share our Whole day with these three siblings!

Our morning was filled with fun play around the house. Miss J really warmed up to Miss A and Miss H and it was so cute to see her interacting with them.
Miss E's giant beach ball was a big hit!
After nap time Rob pulled out an MRE to have for snack (a favorite treat for our kids!).

Then we headed off to NPS to explore the old hotel building. We had so much fun checking out staircases, the wonderful view, and the grounds too!
Dinner was clam chowder at the wharf. Fisherman's wharf is lined with restaurants and nearly all of them offer a sample of their chowder to try to entice you to come in. The plan was to try all of the samples, and then we would all pick our favorite one to get and then find a good place to sit an eat! We all ended up agreeing on two of them being the best, and ended up going into one of them to eat, we also got to check out some of the local wild life!
We followed dinner with a stop at the candy store. Miss J sweet talked her way into some cotton candy to share with everyone. We also picked up some yummy caramel apples and caramel corn too! Oh, and gum balls, those were fun too!

*Miss J trying to bite down on a much-too-big-for-her gum ball. Eventually I had to step in and do the job only a mommy could do.... bite into a gum ball that had already been in my little girl's mouth!

What a fun day! We were so blessed to have three of the "kids" from the C family come to visit us! While we had a great time doing some fun things with them, the blessing was truly in getting to know them better and watching our own children developing relationships with them as well!


  1. You all know how to have fun!

    I want to hear more about this 6:15 Bible reading time. . .

  2. Stacy- Hmmm... I think the Bible reading deserves its own post, I'll do that in the next week or so! Quickly though, we do gather every morning at about 6:15 and Rob reads out loud to the family!