Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

We spent the morning doing the weekly Monday de-cluttering after sleeping in a bit and having a slow start to our morning. At breakfast we read through the Declaration of Independence and parts of the Constitution/Bill of Rights (we would have gone through most/all of it, but some of us were getting antsy, and with the slow morning our time was limited).

Then we were off to a party at The Ranch (some friends have a ranch out in the valley that we LOVE to go visit). The big kids had a great time catching crawdads at the lake while the little girls enjoyed splashing in some water, they all enjoyed running around and playing in the big open space! We also enjoyed the fellowship with some great friends.
We went home and had dinner and enjoyed these jello-stars the kids had seen and wanted to make.

We can't do any fun firework type things here, not only because we are in base housing, but because of the city we live in. :/ So the kids got to throw/step on some poppers, lite snakes, and set of smoke bombs. Then we all went to bed early. It was a wonderful day.

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