Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Quiet times for kids

While we do quite a bit of Bible reading and just family reading and discussion, we've been wanting to help our children along with developing their own relationships with Christ. We've been wanting to encourage them to do their own Bible studies, but it can be hard to find something that is age appropriate and will help them grow.

I was so excited when I got an e-mail from a friend I recently met at a church gathering asking if I would be interested in reviewing her newest Bible study for kids; it is on the Armor of God. Both my husband and I took a look at her site Quiet times for kids and were impressed with what we saw, so we agreed that doing the review would be a good idea for our family.

I was so impressed with this Bible study. Mrs Davidson does a great job of drawing the kids in and asking great questions to get them thinking. In reading through the study I was happy to see how much the kids are expected to really give thought to the scripture they are reading and also give thoughtful answers. I also love that there are activities for the kids to do. The cubes to cut out and put together are great, as well as having the kids draw pictures, and the lego diarama projects really got the attention of my boys!

I'm so excited to be having my kids do this Bible study, and we plan to purchase more of the Bible studies that Quiet times for kids offers in the future!

Quiet times for kids is offering a $2 off coupon for the Armor of God Bible study, after applying the coupon code this Bible study will cost only $6! The coupon code is 'twodollarsoff'

They are also running a Lego diorama contest through August 31st with a great prize for the winner! My kids are super excited about that!

*Though I was provided with a free copy of this Bible study to review I was not otherwise compensated for this review.

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