Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer School serving others

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We've tried to cultivate servant's hearts in our children and set good examples of serving for them. We want serving to be a way of life for them, not just something that happens from time to time. That starts in our own home, teaching them to care for and serve one another. We also try to serve others, either friends, family, people in our church, neighborhood etc. whenever we can.

Some times are more conducive to serving though. With less school work to do the kids have more free time, allowing them to have more time to serve! With so much to do around here there are plenty of opportunities for them to serve their family, by helping with projects, serving one another, and just looking for ways to help mommy and daddy (a favorite way to serve is to watch the little girls while I work on a project within hearing).

It also happens to be "moving season" in military land. On our street we've had four families move out in the past two months or so. That also means four new families moving in! This has been a regular sight outside our home.....
Mr. R asked to make cookies for the first family to move in. He made them all on his own (well, it looks like he may have had a little helper!) and had them on a plate and out the door before I could get pictures! He did taste one to make sure they turned out, that was it. He plans to make more this week.
A good friend had a baby a couple of weeks ago. She had a c-section and Daddy has limited time off. Miss E has offered to go over and help out with the kids, and chores around the house so mom can have more recovery time (Baby was #5, the oldest being 6 yrs.). I'm so glad that though I'm really not able to offer this help myself (though Miss E and I did make a few meals), that my daughter is not only willing but truly able! She is not old enough to be left alone to baby sit, but she is an amazing "mothers helper" capable to keeping an eye out on kids, and keeping them busy as well as seeing to some simple meals and even some chores!

We are also planning to purchase some parachute kits from Voice of the Martyrs and put those together as a family. It will be a great ministry opportunity, and a great way to take action as we have been reading the VOM newsletter regularly the past few months.

I'll be encouraging my kids to find other ways to serve others. I'd love to hear more ideas! Please link up with me with your serving others post, or just what you are doing this summer!

Next week I think I'll be posting on some of the summer treats we've been making!

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  1. What helpful kids you're raising! I can tell from reading your blog and some of the other posts that you have a great balance of training your kids to be helpful, and having lots of fun and good times while doing so. I find it's sometimes tricky to know how much to expect of my kids, and how much to still let them be kids. I hope I make sense. I pray about it, and ask God to point out my areas of weakness.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. It's always encouraging to get comments, and then check out other blogs of people who are striving to raise up their kids the right way. :)

  2. Thank you for visiting! Yes, glad the baby is coming prior to your move. That will be nice. Yes, love Firefly/Serenity, we're slightly twisted like that. Thank you for sharing Elder H., he and his family are such a blessing. Be sure to contact if you are going to need an over night stop or help on the AZ end of your move!

  3. So neat. I need to do more serving with my kids. How wonderful Miss E was able to go help!
    Here from the Hop.