Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sewing fitted diapers!

I recently finished sewing up some fitted diapers for Mr. K. Fitted diapers are cloth diapers that do not need to be folded to be put on baby and usually have some sort of closure (I used snaps), but they need a cover as they are not water proof. I had made a bunch of these when I was pregnant with Miss C, but some were pink and I can't put those on a boy!
While I didn't really need these, I already had all of the fabric and snaps. Having a few more was going to be handy and they really did not take all that long to put together. I loved making the minky ones, Miss J and Miss C often came over to touch and kiss the soft diapers. The yellow "space" one is one I've been wanting to make for a long time. I had the fabric left over from making some PJ's and could just see it as a cute little diaper!


  1. I made some of these type of diapers for Jeremiah and they worked great. The only difference is that I used velcro instead of snaps, just a personal preference. :-) What did you use for the lining? How about the soaker pad? Just curious...

    Anyhow, great job as always! They are so cute! :-)

  2. Betsy- Isn't it great to make these sorts of things on your own? The two that are lined with a print are flannel, the light blue lining (on the yellow space one) is velour, and the others are micro fleece. ALL of the fabrics were just what I had on hand. The soaker is made from a micro fiber cloth that can be found in the car care section of walmart!

    Have you tried snaps? I had always used velcro too (and thought I would NOT like snaps on diapers), until about a year ago. Now I only use diapers with snaps, though they are a bit of an upfront investment. I requested a set of snap pliers for my birthday a few years ago for making bibs, and I've been hooked on snaps since then!

  3. Gabe- Thanks for the info on the fabric. I love making diapers, not sure why but they seem so cute to me! :-) It's nice to see that you just used what you had on hand. :-) That's a great idea for the soaker pad! I'll have to look into it next time I make diapers.

    The only diapers with snaps I have tried are the ones that you gave me, and I Love them! I'll have to look into getting a set of snap pliers as well when I make my next set of diapers. :-)