Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer School treats!

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Like I posted earlier, I made quite a few batches of popsicles. Along with the "everyday" popsicles with spinach in them I made quite a few "junk" popsicles to be given out as rewards.

I made chocolate covered banana pops, with the help of Mr. S
The chocolate on them is a homemade "magic shell" so we just had to pour the left overs over some scoops of icecream!
I found this great recipe for root beer float popsicles, YUM! I adapted the recipe to make orange creamsicles too!

Miss J requested rainbow popsicles, and Mr. S helped me mix up the colors (including choosing the colors for me!). I made these with vanilla pudding, and Miss J was quite pleased with the results.
Chocolate pudding pops were requested by a couple of children too, so I made up a bunch of those as well.

Now the kids just need to get going on their reading so I can start passing these out!

Please link up your fun summer treats, or just what you are up to this summer. I think I'll be posting on "do something silly" for next Tuesday.

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  1. You had me at, "Homemade Magic Shell"!

    Making some tonight!

  2. YUM! I love the frozen bananas with chocolate!!!