Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

We celebrated my birthday this week-end! Rob and the kids made my day such a wonderful relaxing one, they are all such blessings to me! I slept in a bit and came downstairs to the smell of french toast cooking on the griddle. Miss E had offered to make breakfast for me, and Rob helped her. Breakfast was wonderful! Stuffed French toast, berries, sausage and lemon aid! YUM!
After breakfast Rob dropped me and Miss E off to get pedicures. I only get these when I'm pregnant when I get to the point that I can no longer touch my toes. I thought it would be fun to include Miss E this time, and that my birthday would be a good time to do this. We had a great time together, and even got flowers painted on our big toes!
*When we got home the little girls wanted their toes done too!
Rob made a wonderful lunch of baked brie, sausages, cheese, crackers, salami and apples for us as well as sparkling cider. What a fun lunch! While Miss E and I were getting our pedicures Rob and the rest of the kids went to get dessert; a lemon tart from Whole Foods. My favorite!
We spent the rest of the afternoon napping, relaxing, reading, and just enjoying some quiet family time. Then Rob made up Chinese food for dinner.
I had a lovely day relaxing and enjoying my family, what a blessing they all are to me!


  1. What a delicious day, Happy Belated Birthday!

  2. What a lovely day! Happy Birthday Gabe!

    Lots of love,

  3. How wonderful my friend! I love it- and you! I hope you had a fantastic birthday. : )

  4. Happy Birthday! What a lovely day you had. That Lemon Tart looks delicious :)