Thursday, July 28, 2011

August move to do list; take it easy!

I've been working hard for months to get our house and our family ready not just for a new baby, but for our move that is coming up in September. I've had a "to-do-list" for the last few months and have worked through just about everything on those lists! I do need to finish a bit of school planning, but that can be done from the couch or bed resting and/or recovering!

Now is the time to start enjoying the fruits of my labor! Here is my "to-do-list" for August

1. finish move prep- this is here only because this job never seems to end and I figure I'll have some nesting energy to put to good use. I don't have anything specific to do, and if I don't do anythings else that's fine too!

2. have a baby- I can't wait to meet this little guy! I'm actually looking forward to labor/delivery (for the most part), it usually goes fairly quickly and without much pain so for me this is one of the easy parts of pregnancy. The hard part is the waiting and wondering when!

3. recover- I need to have some recovery time, no matter how much we have going on around here if I don't get some good recovery time up front that could lead to bigger problems later. The plan- when I get home from the hospital I'll go to my room for a week and enjoy a bit of bed rest, after that I'll have another down week getting up a bit late and cuddling with my little guy downstairs (all of this will of course include plenty of cuddles and interaction with the rest of the family). We've been blessed with wonderful offers of help from friends and my Mom will be here for a few days too, so even if Rob needs to go into work we should be able to follow through with this plan. I'll be taking it fairly easy for the remainder of our time here in CA as well, we will be in "survival mode" doing the minimum that we need to.

4. Prep graduation stuff- Getting a PhD is a big deal, and my husband has worked hard for this. I want to make sure that between the baby and the move that his accomplishment is not overlooked and that we take the time to celebrate it well! I have some simple but special things in mind for celebrating.

I'm linking to organizing junkie this week.