Thursday, July 7, 2011

Spinach in their popsicles?

Last week I made up nearly 100 popsicles (that seems like a lot, but with six kids I'm not sure they will last very long)! About half of them were "junk" popsicles intended to be given out as rewards for meeting reading goals. The rest were "everyday" popsicles. While I don't mind making up fruit juice popsicles I wanted something a bit healthier for the kids. I decided to make up smoothie popsicles, and our smoothies often contain quite a bit of spinach!
I made up three kinds; The first kind was berry smoothie popsicles I just used the frozen berry mix from Costco a BUNCH of spinach and some milk and yogurt. YUM!
Next up was the lemon "lime" popsicles. These actually have very little lime in them, but that it is still the excuse for the green coloring!Then I swirled the two flavors together a bit to make a third choice!

These were all enjoyed by the kids
The kids are loving their popsicles, and mommy is oh so very happy to be getting some extra greens in them!



  1. It looks like the kids loved them! Did you have to sneak in the spinach or did the kids know?

    Thanks for linking up with Fun for Kids Friday!

  2. My kids are used to having spinach in their smoothies, so I did not have to sneak it in. They think it is great that they can eat their greens without having to taste them!

    Spinach is nice because it does not have a strong flavor and blends up nicely too.

  3. I always think it's better if the kid's know what they're eating vs. sneaking it in. That's great!