Tuesday, July 19, 2011

6:15 am Family Bible Reading/ morning routine

*I'm taking a break from "Summer School" to do this post and a couple of others that go with it.

Our morning routine has come up a few times in recent weeks, so I thought I'd do a little post on what we do....

Nearly every morning for over a year and a half we have been getting up together as a family at 6:15 to do family Bible reading. Some mornings we sleep in (mostly just Saturdays), but it is still the first thing we do when we get up. Everyone just staggers down, the kids are all still in PJs, though Rob and I do try to be showered and dressed (but I have not managed that in a while). Kids bring down blankets and we all cuddle, or curl up in a chair and listen to Rob read God's word. This is not a Bible study time, it is just a time to listen to God's word. We are on our second year of going through the Bible chronologically in a year. We also read the Proverbs chapter of the day. This all takes us about 30 minutes or so.
When that Bible reading is done everyone goes about doing their morning chores of getting dressed, making beds, cleaning up rooms, making breakfast etc. At about 7:10 everyone gathers again in the living room for individual Bible reading. This is something we just started about a week ago. Right now Rob is just letting each of the kids pick what they want to read. Miss J and Miss C look at "baby Bibles" while Mr S has a comic strip style Bible that is actually fairly detailed.
At 7:30 we have breakfast together as a family. When Rob is done eating he pulls out one or two of the books we are reading at meals (right now that is "Ten Ps in a pod", Iran (from VOM), and the Screwtape Letters), and he reads out loud while everyone else is finishing. Then we all work on some scripture memorization together and catechisms.

That's how our days start nearly every day. It's really just been in the last two years that we've been doing any sort of morning family devotions, and memorization. It has been such a blessing to our family! One of the biggest blessings has been watching my husband initiate each and every one of these things, how God has directed him to lead in these areas.

***I prayed for years that God would direct my husband's heart to do something like this. There is no way I could have asked him or told him to do this. It would not have been his leading then, and his heart would not have been in it. God used some wonderful godly men to speak into my husband's heart. Ladies, prayer is powerful! God works in his own ways in his own time. Our prayers are such a blessing to our husbands and to our families. What a great lesson for me in learning to wait upon the LORD (one I'm still trying to learn though!).

I pray that if this is the desire of your heart, that you are encouraged by this post, not discouraged. Devotions and such will look different in each family. Allow your husband to lead as he sees fit. Step aside and examine your own attitude and obedience to God.

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  1. How wonderful! What an incredible way to start your day! I, too, am praying that my husband will do something like this! And your post is so encouraging! Thank you for sharing it. I was just hopping over to visit again from the HHH and now I'm a follower, as well!
    Have a blessed day,
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  2. What a wonderful testimony!
    Here from the Hop.

  3. Gabe~

    Since my hubby works until 8am most mornings, this wouldn't work for us, but we do "Bible Time" in the evenings. It is a blessing and is becoming more and more so!

    I must say, your last portion was what encouraged me most! Thank you for the encouragement to pray for my husband. I need to do this more, especially in these areas that the Lord has laid on my heart.


  4. This is such an encouragement to me. Thank you. I have been praying for years that my husband would take the lead and be the spiritual leader of our home. Sometimes his passive role has been my own fault - pushing and trying the lead from behind. I have given it to God, but felt so discouraged that he will never step up. You have given me hope again! I know that he feels intimidated to lead us, and that his Bible knowledge is not sufficient. I will continue to pray for me to be his helpmeet in this, and for his desire to lead to come. Thank you again for sharing and giving me hope!

  5. Wow, that's early, but what a sweet and wonderful way for your family to begin their day-- all snuggly listening to the beautiful Word. We read at breakfast but I like this so much I may have to try it. I also like that it's just listening time and not necessarily study as I think that is necessary especially for the young.

  6. Sommer- That is great that your family does "Bible time" in the evening. Every family is different, so these things will look different with each family.

    Ladies- I'm so glad this post was an encouragement!

    Baby Paige- I too spent plenty of time trying to lead from behind (something I still have to work on not doing), it never leads to good things. Keep praying for him, and encouraging him! Have you read "Family Driven Faith" by Voddie Baucham? That was very encouraging to myself and to my husband.

  7. We've slacked as a family. I'm praying about us starting back, consistently, as a family again. I do on my own daily, but I hit and miss more with the kids then I use too, and my husband is missing with us more too.

    He and I just had a conversation about this, this morning.