Saturday, July 9, 2011

July move to do list!

July is my last month of big projects and preparations for baby and our move. I managed to cross everything off of my June list (except school planning, but that was expected to spill over to July and was already on the July list too!), so I'm all set to get going on this months projects! Once these are done I will be able to know that my big jobs for the move are done, and that will make it so much easier for me to relax and enjoy my time with my new little guy!

-Finish school planning
*Right now I'm buried in these books! I've got lessons planned for Mr. S and Mr. M in the Readers, so I have Mr. R and Miss E left to go. Then I'll move on to the Math, I'm thinking that may be a bit easier to get done.

-clean out freezers

-pack trailer and tape the "last minute packing" list to the door of the trailer *My wonderful boys helped me get our cargo trailer into the garage. I need to get it packed up with everything we will need on the other end right away and things we know the movers will not take. This would normally be my job anyways, but with Rob being so busy I need to make sure it is done before Mr. K comes!

-finish de-cluttering/cleaning

-meal planning for August

-clean out and re-organize van. Move car seats around.

-pull out baby clothes and newborn cloth diapers. Get it all set up for Mr. K!

-Sewing! car seat blanket, bouncy seat cover, fitted diapers, bibs (bonus: if I'm done early I'm going to make myself a skirt!). *I've already finished most of this sewing!

As you can see I've got plenty to keep me busy this month. It is all coming together very nicely though, so I think this list is managable. I just need to be sure I'm not wasting time, and to remember to delegate when I can!

I'm linking to organizing junkie this week.

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